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Who is in the Taro Health network?

At Taro Health, we believe that every member deserves the best in healthcare. That's why we offer a network that goes above and beyond. Our foundation is built on Direct Primary Care doctors, who provide exceptional, all-access care to their communities. But we don't stop there - our network also includes a wide range of primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, medical facilities, and pharmacies, all working together to provide you with the best possible care.

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Good to know:

Direct Primary Care:

Direct Primary Care, or DPC for short, is a better, more personalized form of primary care. With DPC providers, you receive unlimited access to a concierge-like, board-certified physician in your community. We cover your DPC membership fees from day one, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.


Taro members have access to Teladoc telehealth services, which includes access to a wide network of mental health providers. Members can set up their Teladoc account by visiting teladoc.com and clicking the 'Register Now' button in the upper right corner.

Out of State:

Teladoc services are available to all Taro members, even while traveling! Taro Health members will also get emergency coverage outside the state. Teladoc, urgent and emergency services are covered out of state. 

You can view our network and browse providers at network.tarohealth.com

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