Latest news: We've announced our plans in Maine, coming November 2022! Learn more.

Maine, say hello to health insurance that actually puts you first

Our Individual and Family ACA health insurance plans give you health care without the headache — coming November 2022 to Maine!
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A man and woman embracing in their front yard
Dr. Lisa Lucas of Freeport, Maine
Dr. Lisa Lucas, DO
Direct Primary Care
Freeport, ME
Office Visit
Video Visit

Comprehensive coverage for all the care you need

Our plans are simple: we give you benefits to keep you healthy and safe — without you having to worry about cost or access.
$0 primary care
$0 mental health
$0 preventive care
$0 labs & x-rays
$0 generic drugs
Low specialist copays
Top hospitals
Newborn care
And more!
Primary care and mental health visits are $0 in all Taro Health plans, including those after the initial visit! Other listed benefits vary by plan. Final 2023 benefits are pending regulatory approval.

The doctors and hospitals you trust

You're in good hands here. Members can receive specialist and emergency care from any of MaineHealth’s comprehensive hospitals and facilities, as well as enjoy access to a robust nationwide emergency network.







Exceptional primary care at the center of our plans

Direct primary care (DPC) is a new form of primary care where you receive a concierge-like membership for all-inclusive access to a board certified, community-based primary care physician. With a Taro Health plan, you'll receive a free DPC membership!
Choose a primary care physician from our network of Taro DPCs. Stay with the same DPC as long as you are a Taro member!
Build a relationship with your Taro DPC, a physician who truly knows you and can help you navigate the rest of the healthcare system.
See your Taro DPC how often you want at no additional cost, in-person or virtual! Text or call your Taro DPC between visits instead of spending time in urgent care.
Dr. Ben Hagopian meeting with a patient
Dr. Ben Hagopian of Portland, Maine
Care notification
Hi, Dr. Hagopian here! Your latest labs are looking great.
on track
Common questions

Learn more about our plans — coming soon to Maine in November 2022

How much will your plans cost?
Our plans will be affordable for members. You may even qualify for additional savings and lower costs through premium tax credits via the marketplace.
When can I purchase your plans?
Our plans will be available for purchase during Open Enrollment starting on November 1, 2022.
Where will your plans be available?
Our plans will initially be available in the Portland, Maine (Cumberland County) metropolitan area.
Are your plans ACA compliant?
Yes, our plans will be major medical health insurance plans that are fully ACA-compliant, offer essential health benefits, coverage of preventive services, and coverage for your dependents to age 26.

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