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Learn more about Direct Primary Care

DPC is a better form of primary care where you receive all-access membership to a concierge-like, board-certified physician in your community. With a Taro Health plan, you’ll receive a free DPC membership!

DPC lets you build a relationship with your doctor

Meet Dr. Dianna Stade Gagnon of Better Health DPC, who explains how the model can help you.

DPC gives you more access to care

Visit your DPC when you want, how you want to, at no additional cost to you.
My DPC doctor takes the time to get to know me and my situation. They’re able to treat me for all my conditions, and they help me out when I need prescriptions or referrals to other doctors. My time with my DPC doctor is actually valuable time for both of us.
Sharyn B.
Patient from Portland, Maine

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Dr. Lisa Lucas of Freeport, Maine

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