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What are the differences between traditional primary care and direct primary care?

With Taro's direct primary care plans, you get to enjoy personalized attention and care from your own concierge-style doctor, who knows you and your needs, at an affordable rate. No more long wait times, no more feeling rushed during appointments, and no more insurance dictating the level of care you receive.

Some of the most notable differences reported by patients who receive direct primary care are:

1. Personalized Attention:

With direct primary care (DPC) through Taro, you'll have a dedicated, caring doctor who knows you and your needs, providing personalized attention and care. With a traditional primary care provider (PCP), you may be one of many patients seen in a day and may feel rushed during appointments.

2. More Time with Your Doctor:

With DPC providers, you'll have longer appointment times, giving you more time to discuss your health concerns and receive thorough exams and treatment plans. With a traditional PCP, appointments are often short and timed.

3. Less Time Waiting:

Say goodbye to long waits in a crowded waiting room.  As a direct primary care patient, you'll be able to schedule same-day or next-day appointments and receive prompt attention from your doctor.

4. More Affordable:

With Taro, we pay 100% of the direct primary care membership for our members, meaning you won't have to worry about paying extra co-pays for each appointment.

5. Tailored Treatment:

As a direct primary care patient, you'll have control over your health, making decisions with your doctor about the best course of treatment for you. With a traditional PCP, decisions may be made by insurance companies or based on a set protocol.

6. Better Health Outcomes:

DPC doctors have focus on preventing illness and keeping you healthy, rather than just treating problems as they arise. With a dedicated doctor and focus on preventive care, you'll likely experience better health outcomes and fewer trips to the hospital or specialist. With a traditional PCP, you're more likely to see multiple doctors or specialists for different health concerns.

Have questions about direct primary care and how it can improve your healthcare experience? Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information by calling (877) 522-5151 or emailing support@tarohealth.com. We're here to help!

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