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What is direct primary care, or DPC?

We're proud to be the first and only health insurance that covers Direct Primary Care. Direct primary care, a.k.a DPC, is a better form of primary care where you receive an all-access membership to a concierge-like, board-certified physician in your community. Unlike other insurance plans, we not only cover direct primary care, but we pay 100% of a standard direct primary care membership for all Taro Health members enrolled in our DPC plans.

With DPC, you'll have a caring, compassionate doctor by your side, ready to offer you all-access care in a warm and welcoming environment. You'll be part of a close-knit community, where your doctor knows you and your needs, providing you with personalized attention and care. It's like having a concierge-style doctor who's always there for you, without the luxury price tag. Find a DPC today and experience a better way of receiving primary care!

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