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What is CoverME.gov?

What is it:

CoverMe.gov is Maine’s state-based Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare) health insurance Marketplace. CoverME.gov is Maine’s official health insurance marketplace where Mainers can shop for and buy health insurance coverage. The state of Maine uses CoverME.gov in place of Healthcare.gov, this means Maine residents need to enroll using CoverME.gov and are not eligible to use Healthcare.gov to enroll.

Who can use CoverME.Gov:

Many Mainers are eligible to buy their health insurance and get covered via CoverME.gov, particularly if you  are uninsured, self-employed, or work for a small business. 


A vast majority of people also qualify for subsidies, which means your insurance premiums may be under $100/month or even  $0. You can see if you qualify for subsidies by filling out your age, family size, and estimated income for 2023 at https://app.tarohealth.com/quote

* Family and Individual enrollments in the state of Maine must be submitted through CoverME in order to receive a subsidy, and subsidies are ultimately determined by CoverME.gov.

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