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Can my fiancé or domestic partner and I be on the same plan without being legally married?

Domestic Partners are permissible if they meet the following requirements: 

  1. Domestic partner or domestic partnership means two individuals, of the same sex or opposite sex, that have been each other’s sole domestic  partner for 12 months or more; are mentally competent; at least 18 years old; who are not related in any way (including by blood or adoption)  that would prohibit marriage under State law; not married to or separated from anyone else; and are financially interdependent. 
  2.  For purposes of this Certificate, a domestic partner shall be treated the same as a spouse, and a domestic partner’s child, adopted child,  or child for whom a domestic partner has legal guardianship shall be treated the same as any other child. 
  3.  A domestic partner’s or a domestic partner’s child’s coverage ends at the end of the month of the date of dissolution of the domestic  partnership. 
  • To apply for coverage as domestic partners, both the subscriber and the eligible domestic partner are required to complete and sign an  enrollment application, meet all criteria stated on the enrollment application and submit the enrollment application to Taro Health. We reserve  the right to make the ultimate decision in determining eligibility of the domestic partner.

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