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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Don't forget to ask yourself these questions

Shopping for health insurance for yourself and/or your family? Here are the top 3 factors you should consider when shopping for a plan:

Do my monthly premiums actually cover the healthcare that I need?

Sometimes health insurance plans make it so tricky to understand what’s actually covered by your premiums. Most of our competitors will require copayments and coinsurances for basic healthcare. With Taro Health, you’ll get all of this AND a DPC membership. 

  • Access to preventive care, primary care and mental health at $0 extra
  • $0 labs
  • $0 generic drugs
  • Co-Pays as low as $0 for X-Rays
  • Co-Pays as low as $25 for Specialist Visits 
  • Co-Pays as low as $25 for Speech & Physical Therapy
  • Co-Pays as low as $150 for Imaging (e.g. CT Scans, MRIs, etc)

Taro Health’s monthly premiums include a free of charge direct primary care (DPC) membership where you’ll be able to get 80-90% of your healthcare problems solved.

Is my primary care physician sufficiently accessible?

Do you trust and know that your doctor already knows your full medical history or do you have to constantly have to explain yourself to a new doctor every time? 

Taro Health’s direct primary care physicians make sure that your visits are longer than 5 minutes – yes, you’ll be able to see your doctor AND you won’t feel rushed out the door.

Text or call your doctor when you need to instead of rushing into the ER or urgent care for something your doctor can help you with. 

Do I have a quality network of physicians for my hospital and specialist care needs?

We understand - healthcare coverage isn’t just about primary care. That’s why we have partnered with MaineHealth to provide access to all of its specialists, facilities, and hospitals. 

If you’re worried about MaineHealth being in the network, fear not. Taro Health’s partnership with MaineHealth is not going anywhere! Check out our network directory.

Check out our page here or head to coverme.gov to see if you qualify for subsidies. 

In addition to our core plans, we also offer "Clear Choice" plans, which are standardized cost-sharing plans developed under the standards set by the Maine Bureau of Insurance for all such policies. These plans do not include Direct Primary Care.

Ready to sign up with Taro Health? Here’s how:

Call our team! 

Contact us directly. Call the Taro Health team at 207-210-3434 and we’ll be glad to walk you through our benefits and sign up when you’re ready.

If you’re looking for small business help, see our post about health insurance for small businesses.

Get connected with a broker! 

They’re here to help you identify which plans are best for you. You can let them know what you’re looking for in a plan or you can tell them directly to sign you up for Taro Health. Find a broker here. There is no cost to use a broker.

Find an assister! 

Maine Enrollment Assisters (or MEAs) provide in-person help to individuals, families, and small businesses shopping for health plans through CoverME.gov. Assisters have been trained by CoverME.gov and are required to provide fair and impartial information to help with eligibility, and facilitate enrollment in health plans. There is no cost to use an Assister.

MaineHealth’s Access to Care group has loads of assisters to help you find the right plan. They’re unbiased and non-commission based so they have every motive to find a plan that is the right fit for you. 

Find an assister here: https://www.mainehealth.org/Healthy-Communities/Access-to-Care 

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