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Taro Health: Making Health Insurance Easier For You

Get coverage for care you can actually use

Do you struggle to find health insurance coverage that actually covers real health care? Do you find that your current health insurance does not cover the care you actually need? Are you constantly worrying about whether you will get a surprise bill for something the doctor told you to do? 

Read more below to learn about how Taro Health is covering the care you actually need. 

Taro Health covers all primary care visits at $0 copays so that you can see your direct primary care physician whenever and how often you want or need. Often, traditional health insurance carriers will only cover the first primary care visit. At Taro Health, you’ll be able to see your direct primary care physician an unlimited number of times. Since primary care physicians can solve 80-90% of common health problems you may have, you don’t need to worry about paying extra or having to meet your deductible to get access to your direct primary care physician. When things may get complicated and you need to see a specialist, Taro Health has partnered with MaineHealth to give you access to best-in-class specialists and hospitals. Taro Health wants you to understand that you can actually access your physician proactively and when you need them most. 

Taro Health believes that our members will more proactively engage in their health if they know how much it costs them. We’ve developed our products and benefits with this in mind. With clear copayments, you will always know what you’re paying for instead of having to figure out what percent of coinsurance you have to pay for things your doctor tells you to do. 

Sure, coinsurances may be 20% but it gets more and more difficult to understand how much 20% is in actual dollars when total costs are not transparent. Will it be 20% of $100 or 20% of $1,000? Good luck finding out beforehand. 

Taro Health believes that set copayments for healthcare services can help make prices more transparent for our members, which is why we have copays for the following:

  • $0 copays for primary care visits
  • $0 copays for mental health visits
  • $0 labs
  • $0 generic drugs
  • Co-Pays as low as $0 for X-Rays
  • Co-Pays as low as $25 for Specialist Visits 
  • Co-Pays as low as $25 for Speech & Physical Therapy
  • Co-Pays as low as $150 for Imaging (e.g. CT Scans, MRIs, etc)

Sign up for a Taro Health Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan here or via coverme.gov to get health insurance coverage that you can actually use. 

Get health insurance that actually puts you first

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