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How Direct Primary Care can help you manage weight loss

The Direct Primary Care model can help you manage your weight loss.

Direct primary care (DPC) is a new form of primary care where you receive a concierge-like membership for all-inclusive access to a board certified, community-based primary care physician. With a Taro Health insurance plan, you'll receive a free DPC membership – in fact, Taro Health is the first ACA insurance plan in the country that offers this!

If you’re looking to lose weight and keep the weight off long-term, finding a direct primary care physician may be your best option. Here’s how a DPC could help you:

Longer visits allow DPCs to identify underlying causes

Have you ever waited weeks to see your doctor, only to be rushed through a 5-minute conversation with them? Unfortunately, this is the norm for most patients and physicians today, and because of these short visits, it is often very difficult for a strong doctor-patient relationship to form, which is considered a key ingredient of good care.

Direct primary care physicians are able to spend an average of 45 minutes with their patients, allowing them to listen to your goals and problems. With this increased time to listen and talk, DPC physicians are able to dig deeper into your problems and identify the root cause of your weight issues. This way, your doctor can identify a combination of medications, coaching, lifestyle and diet changes, and clinical steps to treat any underlying conditions affecting your weight.

DPCs create a plan, and then adjust it if it’s not working

During your first visit with a DPC, you’ll walk through your entire medical history with your doctor, and talk through what’s previously worked and not worked in the past for managing your weight. You’ll also be able to talk about your health goals, and create a plan with your DPC to help you reach those goals.

Here’s a huge advantage of DPC vs. traditional primary care: once you join a DPC doctor, you can go back to the same doctor whenever you need, however you need. If something they recommended for you isn’t working out, you can start by just texting your doc! If you need more help, schedule an office visit or a telemedicine consult. Your DPC will work with you to adjust their recommendations, and will be able to do so with the context of all of your previous interactions. You’ll never have a visit to the doctor where you’re just told to exercise more!

Financial peace of mind

With a direct primary care membership, you can visit your primary care doctor without having to make an additional payment. No more surprise bills or trying to figure out what co-pays you might be responsible for: just go to your DPC!

Taro Health is the first ACA insurance plan that provides you a DPC membership free-of-charge. Starting in Maine, you’ll be able to purchase an affordable health insurance plan that offers you all the benefits of Direct Primary Care, as well as access to top hospitals and specialists for any downstream and emergency care.

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