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A Taro Health insurance plan gives you a free DPC membership, as well as a comprehensive set of insurance benefits for medications, lab tests, imaging, ER visits, hospital visits, surgeries, specialty care, and more.
$0 primary care
$0 mental health
$0 preventive care
$0 labs & x-rays
$0 generic drugs
Low specialist copays
Top hospitals
Newborn care
And more!
Primary care and mental health visits are $0 in all Taro Health plans, including those after the initial visit! Other listed benefits vary by plan.

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Taro Health's insurance plans will be available on starting on November 1, 2022. Sign up below to be the first to join!
"I'm excited to partner with Taro Health to offer DPC-centered health insurance!"
Dr. Karen Saylor
Coastal Maine Direct Care
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