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Can I join Taro if I am eligible for MaineCare?

If your CoverME application determines that you are currently eligible for MaineCare, you will not be eligible to receive subsidies that can make your health insurance costs more affordable. If your MaineCare eligibility changes in the future, you will be able to re-submit your CoverME application to review any subsidy updates.

If for any reason, you still want to enroll in a Taro Health plan, you can sign up without subsidies. You can either do so directly on CoverME (with the full prices listed), or sign up for us directly on our website:

Here's how you can enroll in our health insurance plans directly on our website:

  1. Visit enroll.tarohealth.com and enter your zip code and date of birth. Then, scroll down and uncheck the "check my eligibility" box so it remains blank. Click "next."
  2. Choose "I want Taro Health's plans with Direct Primary Care" and click "next."
  3. Under "Your Plan Quotes," select "SHOW OFF-MARKETPLACE PLANS."
  4. Click the purple "Select" button next to the plan you want.
  5. Scroll down to "How to Apply for this Plan" and click the purple button that says "START YOUR APPLICATION." You'll be able to apply for the plan here.

We're happy to help you enroll in our health insurance plans directly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling us at (207) 210-3434 or emailing support@tarohealth.com - we're here to help!

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